Python-assisted data analysis blog and personal site for
Python & Django developer, Eric Hofmann.


StockTrendsBot: Using Python to Create a Stock Performance Bot for Reddit

Creating a Reddit bot that monitors for mentions of public companies and posts their current and historical stock performance.


Investing with Python: Monitoring the SEC’s Edgar Database to Create an Event Driven Investment Strategy

Python script which monitors the SEC’s Edgar database and texts and emails whenever there is a stock that fits my criteria to buy or sell.

About Me

Hi! My name's Eric Hofmann. I'm a full-stack programmer focusing on Python, Django and Javascript. I'm currently located in San Diego, CA. Other programming hobbies include big data analysis, data visualization, natural language processing, machine learning and investment automation.

Full-stack developer

Experience in a Django/Postgres stack using Javascript, HTML and CSS for front-end development. Specialize in business intelligence and business analytics using Highcharts for data visualization.

Process Automation

Automating common business tasks such as manipulating .csv and Excel files using the csv and openpyxl libraries in Python, creating APIs, and automating reporting.

Natural Language Processing

Using NLP, breaking down large amounts of text to search for patterns including sentiment and pattern analysis.

Finance & Investments

Creating automatic processes to aid in smart investment decisions including Python programs which continuously monitor for investment opportunities and inform the user when securities with certain criteria are met.

Get in touch

Feel free to reach out with any questions about the blog articles, freelance opportunities or constructive feedback.